I finished reading The Shack a few days ago.  I thought it was a good fiction book, we just need to remember it isn’t going to teach us all our theology – that’s what the Bible is there to do.  Here are a few clips:

It’s not my purpose to punish it; it’s my joy to cure it. (p. 120)

What we desire is for you to ‘re-turn’ to us, and then we come and make our home inside you, and then we share … We’re meant to experience this life, your life, together, in a dialogue, sharing the journey. (p. 175)

I will travel any road to find you. (p. 182)

Humans, on the other hand, have a knack for taking a verb that is alive and full of grace and turning it into a dead noun or principle that reeks of rules: something growing and alive dies. (p. 204)

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