the-year-of-living-biblicallyFinished reading The Year of Living Biblically whilst on the train to a conference today.  It’s been an enjoyable book, that could just do with being slightly shorter.

The gist of the book is A.J. Jacobs decides to have a go at living out the Bible literally.  He spends the first 8 months of the year trying to follow some of the 613 minor laws in the Old Testament, and the last 4 months of the year trying to live a literal New Testament interpretation.

The crucial issue of course is interpretation so there are some very interesting debates as Jacobs consults different spiritual advisors to understand how he should live it out.

The book could have turned into a random rant of all the bizarre passages of scripture but Jacobs is very careful not to offend or belittle those who place a high level on the scripture.

An interesting read, but at 388 pages it could have been shorter.

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