This morning I finished Astrid Vaswani’s sabbatical study report on Trade Justice in the Ready Made Garment Industry of Bangladesh.  Astrid is the assistant minister at Tonbridge Baptist Church where I work.  She’s recently completed a 3 month sabbatical looking at the topic of trade justice in the clothing industry, and as part of her sabbatical did some research on the industry in Bangladesh visiting a number of projects and factories.

Her report of 89 pages is available at church and makes good reading.  She starts by giving a background to Bangladesh, and the garment industry, then looking at the industry challenges and labour and working conditions.  Astrid then writes 30 pages looking at the concept of ‘the poor’ and ‘justice’ in the Bible and how that links with our economic structures.

If you go to TBC don’t just read the summary report I encourage you to get hold of the full report and wrestle with it – look at what kind of consumer you want to be, and want systems and accreditation should be put in place for the protection of others.

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