We ate all the pies
I love football, I love the hilarious rants you can see on programmes like 606 over on Radio 5 Live and so thought We Ate All The Pies: How Football Swallowed Britain Whole by John Nicholson would be a good read.  However, if I’m honest it never really took off for me.
The concept is that football is so loved in Britain that it has invaded so many different areas of our culture – be it food, television, travel, relationships and more.  In addition to football we hear a lot about his love of rock music, alongside a number of random analogies and cross-referenced moments.  This just led to it coming across as though it didn’t have a flow.
Many of his opinions I would probably support but the writing for me wasn’t at a level than engaged me – rather than being about the identity of Britain as a footballing nation it just seems to be a series of random points by a middle-aged man.
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