Continuing my read of youth ministry classics I finished reading this afternoon the Youthwork Handbook from 1996.  It was edited by John Buckeridge and included contributions from John Allan, Danny Brierley, Steve Chalke, and Andy Hickford.  What interested me is that as an introduction to youth work I don’t believe the book requires a face lift but more a good make over to bring it up to date – some of the language and exapmles would need to change but much of the first 62 pages were good quality basic youth work advice.

What was far more of interest was that the last 90 pages was a wonderful directory of full-time workers, youth offices, trainers, organisations, residential centres, alternative worship events, and key resources.  I found it really useful to look at some of the key churches and organisations – I understand the guide would be massive but it would still be hugely useful today – there must be a way of doing it online and emailing each individual and organisation to update their record annually – maybe that’s what will be like when it comes online.

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