I saw a post on Unclutterer that really excited me in a geeky organisational way.  The concept is that, if you’re at all like me, you have lots of books on your shelves.  Some of them are great books, some you haven’t read yet, and others could probably be passed on to someone else and given a new home.  The big issue is the books that you haven’t yet read, and remembering to actually get around to read them.

This is where the “books to read” box comes into the picture.  You put these books in a box until a future, specified date.  When the date arrives, I can rotate the items in the box with a few of my favorites sitting on the bookshelf or get rid of books I have come to realise I won’t ever read.  Eventually I might look at the books that I have never read that take up valuable space, and be able to make a better evaluation of them.

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