Bubba Watson, the winner of the 2012 Masters, said, “It feels great, it feels great that I pulled that shot off. It feels great to see it on video clips. It feels great to do all this media just so I can show love to my son.”

When asked about his six-week-old son, who he and his wife adopted just two weeks ago, Watson quickly became emotional, fighting back tears and saying, “It’s more amazing than winning the green jacket.”

Of adoption, Watson said, “When we first started dating, me and wife, now my wife, she told me that she couldn’t have kids. We had to adopt, on our first date she told me this. I said, ‘That’s fine. If God wants … us to have a kid, we can have kids other ways.’” They started the process of adopting four years and two weeks ago, they were blessed with a little boy.

Watson said that he’s thrilled to be headed home, saying, “It’ll be the first time that us three are together without anybody else around.”

Watson talked about his great faith, saying, “That’s why I cry all the time, that’s why I feel like I am so blessed. It’s because of being a Christian, being a Christian family, my wife too. It’s a special time for us because we know these things are not just from us. It’s God helping us out, and we know that the green jacket is a big honor, but at the same time, we can’t take this to Heaven with us.”

He continued saying that he lives his life by his faith, reading the Bible and striving to be a better man. He said, “Golf is about fourth on the list. Golf helps me make number five on the list of all the charity work and all the things I can do and all the support I can give to my community where I grew up.”

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