The BBC are reporting about how Tim Campbell, winner of the first BBC Apprentice series reveals those black people that inspired him. This follows a report commissioned by the Department for Communities and Local Government which says that young black men need better role models.

He says too many young black people admire rappers who often glamorise guns. “I don’t value any rappers. They don’t represent me. You only find role models who represent what you want to be,” he says. “I look up to people in business who have done things I want to do.”

Mr Campbell believes role models do not have to be famous or wealthy. “My role model when I was growing up was my mum and an Irish teacher I had at school. Others around me, like Sir Alan, obviously are very rich. But I look up to people who have more experience than me, it’s not just about money and success.

“Nurses for me are great role models. I couldn’t do what they do – their patience, dedication, they’re saving people’s lives.” But there is more to stopping black youths underachieving than finding them better heroes, Mr Campbell adds. He says a lack of father figures is a problem and strong parenting is needed. “I could say I didn’t have a male role model when I was growing up, but that would not have been an excuse for me to do stuff that’s not right.

His list of heroes are:

  • His mum
  • Dawn Butler
  • Jazzy B
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Damon Buffini
  • Ozwald Boateng
  • Trevor MacDonald
  • Diane Abbott
  • Bob Johnson
  • Nelson Mandela

I certainly agree, the value of an inspiration person, be it your parents or a famous person, can be huge on anyone, but especially teenagers who live in a fluid community, and don’t have the standard family network that was used in the past.

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