I’ve just finished a Skype call with those from the Cape Town 2010 Blogger Network – Lausanne Movement.  Some exciting conversations about the influence and opportunity that blogs and social media in general had at the Cape Town 2010 conference.

It was great hearing the difference our blogs made: at the start of the conference when there were big struggles with the internet the blogs were the main way of live material reaching the rest of the world, the carrying on of discussion beyond the Congress, seeing how blogs have influenced events post-Lausanne, and of course, all the new networks and friendships that have been developed through the Blogger Network.

Jon shared how he’ll be pulling together some of the key blog posts for a Cape Town 2010 e-book during the Christmas period.  That could be a crucial piece of new media for the congress.

Naomi shared four key thoughts:

  1. The Cape Town Commitment: the first part of the Cape Town Commitment was handed out at the Congress, the second is due in the next few weeks, and there is a hope that people can tweet and blog that to make it more accessible.  Many of the older key leaders who don’t necessarily tweet or blog themselves are keen to see this happen so that it can have a bigger impact with churches, organisations and individuals around the world.
  2. Additional media: providing new videos, radio content and the possibility of SMS technology for Lausanne to receive feedback.  Reviewing how people communicate within regions, and looking at those who aren’t connected to the existing internet strategy, so far example bringing in feedback from faxes and maybe even letters.
  3. Translation: there was a real focus on the importance of translation and making things accessible to as many language groups as possible, Lausanne is reviewing to see how it can continue to support as many languages as possible with the infrastructure that currently exists.
  4. Listening arm: a fantastic data mining team listened to the conversations on the blogs and social media to feed back into the process.  Lausanne wants to continue this, so as to create dialogue on the major issues facing the church.  Lots has happened with many of the major topics but there is a hope to bring in other topics that are critical to many churches and groups around the world.

There are key meetings of the Lausanne Leadership Executive in January 2011 and a wider leadership team of approximately 200 in June 2011.  In addition many of the national groups are meeting over the coming months.

We then chatted about the different opportunities for the Blogger Network post Cape Town – we agreed to pray over the next few weeks as to how God might be using us together as a blogger.  A couple of suggestions came up:

  • The need for a purpose for the Blogger Network – the why is more of a challenge than the how.  The original purpose was to look toward Cape Town 2010 itself, now it needs clarity on the purpose.
  • A specific network call and blog posts each month on a more detailed topic, which can be linked back to the Congress discussions.
  • Looking at whether we could see a draft copy of the second part of the Cape Town Commitment to help feed in thoughts for the Leadership Executive’s meeting in January as they look to disseminate it.
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