Led by Gordon Showell-Rogers and Martin Lee, it was sadly ironic that it was in English with no translation for those from other languages!

We spent some time highlighting the work of the European Evangelical Alliance (EEA) which unites, represents and resources 50 million Christians from 36 countries including to the European Commission in Brussels.

That was a lot of highlighting of key work and partnerships already in Europe and some time to share in spontaneous table groups.

The European Evangelical Missionary Alliance (EEMA) is a group of national mission alliances working under the task of international and integral mission.  Recently there had been a focus on TEMA Conferences.  Now the EEMA and EEA are developing Mission-Net which has the dream of a young generation 16-30 year olds to be movers and shakers in the mission field of Europe and beyond.  The first conference had over 3,000 participants from 47 countries.   The 2nd Congress will be over New Year 2011/2012 in Erfurt, Germany with a focus on integration of migrant churches.

The next European Young Leaders Lausanne Network will be near Warsaw, in Poland, February 10-13th 2011 – it sounds like having a lot of potential – something I might try and find out more information about.

The other big piece of news was the European Migrant Church Project – migrant churches are increasingly critical to the European mission, we’ve got large migrant churches already in existence and we’re receiving missionaries from Africa and Asia – joining up this thinking will be critical.

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