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Planning services

I spent some of this morning in a planning meeting with my minister, David, starting to develop some ideas for Mothering Sunday, Freedom Day, and Easter Sunday, thinking about the opportunity these are to link with the local community. What has anyone else got planned for any of these days?

SteveVsTimmy -Steves- The Excruciating Death Of Scummy Duck

Here is Steve’s winning entry in the song writing contest at the February Doubt your Doubts. Come along next Sunday to see the next challenge.

Steve vs timmy – Tims song – The Doubt your Doubts rap

Following on in the Steve vs Timmy challenge at Doubt your Doubts this month was the writing of a song. Here is a white man trying to be a black man. Check it out!

Steve Vs Timmy the Fitness challenge

Recently at Doubt your Doubts , our monthly town-wide youth service, we have been running a challenge between Steve and Tim, the two presenters. Recently the videos have made it on to youtube so I thought I would post them here:

My beautiful office

My new office is nearly finished and looks amazing. I am absolutely thrilled with my new working environment. The gentleman in the church who has been doing a lot of the work on it finished this morning on the shelving and got my noticeboard, and whiteboard up. I look forward to many a happy hour […]

Great blog

While my blog has been lacking in recent weeks I have been really into Tim Schmoyer’s blog – Life in student ministry. He has got some great posts on what is going on in his ministry and the changes at the moment as he moves across the country. On Friday’s he often gives away a […]

Long term thinking & office move

With half-term started I am spending some of the holiday looking a little bit further ahead then what we will be doing this in our groups this week. Today I spent a bit of time looking at what we might do for the holiday club that we plan to run in the last week of […]

The child through the eyes of society: Matt Summerfield

The last session is always a difficult session I think for a speaker. They have to bring together to variety and busyness of the weekend into one message to inspire and encourage 1500 people. No small challenge then! But Matt was brilliant. He started by showing a home video clip of his son on a […]

Seeing them through: Ali Campbell

Ali has a great blog and has regularly written in youthwork magazine so I was intrigued to hear him at this session. Why do we see them through?Have to – there is nobody else who is prepared to work with the young people are they grow up.Want to – we love them and want to […]

Midweek v Sunday: Andy Saunders

Andy started by outlining the historical setting for church on a Sunday but how there has recently been some thinking to challenge that: then tensions of family life being so busy and Sunday being a time of family activity not church; that clubs during the week are key; and that spirituality is big – parents […]

Making church children’s work unchurched friendly – Matt Summerfield

Matt Summerfield is always a joy to listen to and this seminar, and his session the following day, were both top notch. He started by sharing how his 6 year old son was talking about church and said to his mate how rubbish it was. That was a really gutting moment – but is the […]

The Bigger Picture: Roger Batt

Roger started off with some challenging questions:· How are you at reacting to things? Do you look at how things are or how they could be?· Do you believe in the idea of serving God and giving your life for something that will last forever? His theme for the session seemed to centre around the […]