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The measure of success

Interesting post over at the Leadership journal blog on how we measure success. The age old question of how we do it, is it a simple measurement based on numbers at events, or are the other techniques that can be used. Check out the article for more suggestions. For me it has to be a […]

How old is youth?

There is a great post over at youthblog along the following: “A lot of our “youth” work seems diluted by the presence of both pre-teen children and excessive numbers of adults.I have a growing apprehension that “Youth” is being broadened to include anyone younger than 35-40. What do you think?” Some really interesting answers so […]

Missional youth ministry

Scot McKnight, whose blog is always worth reading, has an interesting post on Missional Youth Ministry. One I will come back to once I have had more time to process it.

John Stott’s preaching preparation

I love discovering how key church leaders organise their week, and do their role, especially the preparation for preaching. Below is the way John Stott does his preparation as on Unashamed Workman: I. Choose your textA. It is best to rely on expository book studies for the steady diet of your people, because this ensures […]

Mutually encouraged

I have been dwelling on Romans 1:12 for the last day or so. I meet with Anthony, one of my young people, to read the Bible together, and yeseterday we started on Romans. I love the way in which Paul writes: “that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith.” That is […]

Jonathan Edwards’ journey of faith

Various people (Tim Abbot and Sarah Brush) have suddenly picked up on some stuff to do with Jonathan Edwards who has begun to question the faith which he acknowledges helped to motivate his sporting career. A more reflective, agnostic Jonathan shares his journey away from faith here. Do check out their thoughts as this is […]

How would you share the gospel?

The latest 9Marks newsletter includes an article where they asked a roundtable of pastors and theologians two questions: You are standing on stage before 100,000 people from every nation on earth and asked to share the gospel in 100 words or less. What would you say? You are standing before a small crowd from your […]

Massive sale on Piper books

According to the Desiring God blog, ithey are about to have a massive sale! Every book in the Desiring God Ministries online store (i.e. John Piper and others) is on sale for only $5 (at current rates, about £2.50!) on Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th this week. I presume it is still okay for international […]

3 million people waiting to be asked to go to church

Tearfund has published some research showing that three million people in the UK think they would go to church if only there were asked in the right way. The survey revealed that a personal invite, family or a friend attending or difficult personal circumstances, are most likely to encourage people into church. The survey shows […]

Hardcore Good Friday service

David (who has updated his template but not his blog!) pointed out to me that parents were asked not to bring their children to a Good Friday service at in Newcastle which depicts the hours leading up to the crucifixion. Pastor Mark Elder, of Heaton Baptist Church, warned his Good Friday service should carry a […]

Church fails to spread message

The BBC is reporting that the Church of England is guilty of “corporate failure” because it has not properly spread the message of Christ, the Archbishop of York has said. Dr John Sentamu said the Church had instead become engaged in “endless debates” about issues like the ordination of homosexual priests. “The Church has not […]