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60 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts

Of course, you may not need all 60 of these, but knowing them will make you flexible, fast, and ready to work with whatever tool you’re presented with, whether it’s a Windows PC, a Mac, an Excel spreadsheet, or a Powerpoint slideshow. Plus, there are extras in here for Gmail and Chrome to boot. The […]

Quarter of People Admit to Checking Work Emails on Christmas Day

  The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, is calling for the UK to step away from their smartphones and put the heart back into Christmas – as the latest survey commissioned by Traidcraft, shows a quarter of the UK will check their work emails on Christmas Day. Nearly a quarter (24%) of the UK […]

The 5 Types of Work that Fill Your Day

How much of your workday is spent reacting to events that happen over the hours you spend at the office?  How much is spent on planning and strategy?  Finally, ask yourself how much time is spent towards real problem solving, or getting to the root problems of the issues you spent the other few hours […]

Miscommunication, empathy and email

This is a great post at the 99U. It starts: When speaking face-to-face, it’s the verbal and nonverbal social cues that allow us to gauge the best way to arrange our wording in order to get our point across clearly. In email, we don’t get such real-time feedback. Once our message is in the hand of the […]

How To Set Up Your Desk

Huffington Post recently posted an infographic on how to set up your desk for your best day at work. So often in youth work we don’t think about the difference these things can make to our effectiveness.

Books I have read: How to save an hour every day

I recently borrowed How to save an hour every day by Michael Heppell from my local library. In a nutshell his book presents a variety of different ideas to help you be more effective and save time, with the aim that eventually you can save an hour each day, every day.  Heppell is so convinced that […]

“For 2014, Tweet Less, Read More”

Great article here in the NY Times.  His conclusion: For more than two decades, there’s been a celebration of slow food. Over the last few years, we’ve proved receptive to slow TV. What we really need is slow debate. It would trade the sugary highs and lows of rapid-fire outrage for a more balanced diet. We’d […]

The Creative Freedom of Getting Older

I loved this article on the creative freedom of getting older – as someone who’s recently turned 30 it seemed quite a big step so it is refreshing to hear NYU professor and author Oliver Sacks writes about what it’s like to turn 80, and how old age has empowered him. A must-read for anyone […]

Managing People

I love the advice Duncan Bannatyne gives in his book, ‘Wake Up and Change your Life’. The book is about how to start a business, but lots of the guidance in the book is relevant to leading schools. The chapter on ‘How to manage people’ is a prime example of this. It explains really clearly […]

9 New Ways We Sit, Thanks to Technology

Brilliant, and so true.  Due to the various technology/devices we own and use on a daily basis – these positions are widely seen. Read full article here

Nicholas Bate on 14 routes to more business

I loved Nicholas Bate’s post on 14 Routes To More Business: Follow-up everything. Never lose touch with anybody. Treat every customer individually. Get the small stuff right from minute 1. Be a person they want to talk to. Make more calls. Send more proposals. Ask more customers for leads. Brainstorm at every team meeting: what’s working and […]

D.A. Carson on Productivity

D.A. Carson with three points on productivity: Learn to fill in the little empty periods that clutter each day. Don’t fritter. When you work, work hard; when you are not working, quit entirely. Discover how different aspects of your work can leverage other aspects of your work. For example, choosing your reading to feed into things that you’ll be preparing over […]