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Number of children in poverty increased by 250,000

The number of children living in poverty soared by 250,000 in just one year under the Conservative-led Government, new figures have shown. HM Revenue and Customs figures obtained by the Daily Mirror show the number of children living in low-income families rose from 2.5m to 2.75m between 2013 and 2014. This meant that during the last Coalition Government the […]

Singapore government say education is not about the grade, it’s about learning

Singapore’s education system has long been criticised for the emphasis on grades over the learning process. But it looks like the Ministry of Education wants to make a bold statement to counter that. It just launched a touching commercial based on a true story of a student and her teacher Madam Phua: The video shows […]

Celebrities recite poem about refugee crisis in powerful video

Celebrities are taking a public stance to support the #WithRefugees campaign. Today, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) released a video featuring several actors including Cate Blanchett, Keira Knightley, Kit Harington and Jesse Eisenberg, performing a powerful spoken word poem entitled, “What They Took With Them.” The video, posted on Facebook, aims to call attention to […]

Faith leaders call for revised refugee policy

  More than 200 leaders of faith communities have signed an open letter to the Prime Minister, Theresa May calling for urgent changes to the government’s refugee policy, particularly to allow families to be reunited. The signatories are headed by Rowan Williams, the former archbishop of Canterbury, who will give a speech on Monday in […]

Archbishop of Canterbury’s speech on Syria

Archbishop Justin Welby’s speech in today’s Lords debate on UK military intervention in Syria:  My Lords I add to the welcomes to the Noble Lord, Lord Hague of Richmond, and note his perfect timing in bringing his immeasurable wisdom and experience to our debates, and look forward very much to his contribution. The Just War […]

Another Council proposes to axe all its youth clubs

It’s not surprising but frustrating to read of another Council proposing to close all its youth clubs. Sutton Council said it has to reduce its annual £1.1m spend on youth and adolescent services budget as part of £74m of cuts that have to be made across the authority by 2019.  It is proposing to only […]

Single men account for 75% of homelessness in the UK

Watching How to get a Council House on Channel 4 is tough.  When you hear statistics such as: “Single men account for 75% of homelessness in the UK and on average rough sleepers don’t survive above the age of 47” it breaks your heart. More than three times as many homeless young people a year […]

Prayer for the General Election

A prayer from the Church of England for the General Election:

A candidate’s leaflet urges voters to get out on ‘Erection Day’

This has to be one of the best copy editing mistakes made!  A Conservative Party leaflet for the General Election was prepared for ‘Erection Day’! It was tweeted by James Duddridge so it doesn’t look like the standard photoshopping we normally see on social media.  While the leaflet wasn’t distributed — election day is May […]

Archbishop John Sentamu criticises UK food poverty

Archbishop John Sentamu in a speech at General Synod has called for “more equitable, more caring world” and questioned the effects of government’s welfare reforms: In a long and often angry address to the Church of England general synod on Tuesday, John Sentamu said static salaries and rising prices had left nine million people living below the […]

Child sexual exploitation report – “It couldn’t happen here, could it?”

The government has recently produced a report into child sexual exploitation entitled “It couldn’t happen here, could it?“. The report evaluates the effectiveness of how local authorities’ have responded to the challenge of child sexual exploitation.  The report draws on evidence from inspection and case examination in eight local authorities and from the views of […]

Charity chief urges Prime Minister to create CSE national inquiry

Charity 4Children is calling for a stand-alone national inquiry into the extent of child sexual exploitation (CSE) in the wake of the Rotherham abuse scandal. 4Children chief executive Anne Longfield has written to Prime Minister David Cameron to make the case for why a national inquiry is needed following the publication last week of the […]