Radiation risks

Italian club Catania have cancelled a pre-season tour to Japan amid fears than an earthquake had caused radiation leaks (Guardian). The tour was scrapped because an earthquake in the northwestern city of Kashiwazaki is reported to have caused radioactive leaks from a large power station in the area.

The quake, which struck on July 16, measured 6.8 on the Richter scale. Officials at the Sicilian club decided that, no matter how much they wanted to play their three J-League opponents, a bout of radiation poisoning was not what the players needed to get the season underway!

Kluivert offered trial at Sheffield Wednesday

When your CV reads Ajax, AC Milan, Barcelona you have to be desperate to add Sheffield Wednesday to that. But former Dutch superstar, Patrick Kluivert who has played for some of Europe’s greatest clubs seems to have reached rock bottom.

Since coming off the bench to score the winning goal in the European Cup Final at 18, Kluivert has never quite kept focus on the game. He had an average year with Newcastle in 2005 but didn’t stay but has apparently rekindled his love for the English game with a chance to join Championship side, Sheffield Wednesday – although, even they want a look at him first. How the mighty have fallen?

Player arranges wedding day for match day

The BBC are reporting that Vietnam’s footballer of the year Phan Van Tai Em will miss his team’s Asian Cup quarter-final against Iraq after he planned his wedding for the same day. The gist of it is that the player didn’t think they would get through. The coach now has a dilemma – do you pick a player who thinks the team is no good?

The Homeless World Cup

The build-up to the 2007 Homeless World Cup is in full swing ahead of the tournament getting under way next week. The competition will see homeless people from 48 countries travel to Copenhagen to take part in the annual street football event. The aim is to raise the profile of homelessness and poverty around the world, and help players to turn their lives around.

The competition is being supported by Didier Drogba who said: “The Homeless World Cup is an event that can change the life of anyone, not simply to help them become a professional footballer, but so that they can become a man, in everyday life, developing values, human values, which I think are very important. Become a fan. I am.” Click here to find out more about the tournament.

Football transfers via ebay

Roma defender Cristian Chivu was put up for grabs on eBay after a fan got fed up of his on-off move to virtually any Champions League side who would give him the time of day. The Romanian is looking to move amid rumours that the Italian club could not offer the money he wanted in order to stay at Stadio Olimpico. Barcelona, Real Madrid and Inter Milan were all said to be interested, but the news that Barca were having second thoughts led one Roma fan to take matter into his own hands.

The eBay spiel read: “If you make a significant offer you will see that he will follow you anywhere, until someone else offers more. Challenge Real, Barcelona and Inter! Have fun making a £3.5m offer, just to find out that he already has an agreement with another club. The two Becali brothers, who suck blood, are also included in the offer. No shipping costs are foreseen, all the Roma supporters will send him to you directly.”

Football Club

Today was the last football club (that we run in a local primary school) for the academic year. It has been a real fun group, 20-30 junior schools pupils coming together to play football. There have been some great bits of football, and some real funny moments, but I think the best bit has been watching some of the better players take weaker players under their wings and helping them to perform better.
Certainly looking forward to more of it next year.

Football transfers are stupid

Modern day football transfers seems to have no common sense. Firstly they are massive, Liverpool have just spent £27 million on Torres, who I can’t see is going to be that amazing, and even if he was awesome, how can someone be worth that much money. And then secondly the usual random situation where some players seems to be underpriced, why was Henry let go for £16 million in comparison with Torres etc. It’s just not right. Surely at some stage the bubble will burst, multi-millionaires will not be able to prop up football clubs and we can use the money for something better.
Anyone else got any opinions on this.

Jonathan Edwards’ journey of faith

Various people (Tim Abbot and Sarah Brush) have suddenly picked up on some stuff to do with Jonathan Edwards who has begun to question the faith which he acknowledges helped to motivate his sporting career. A more reflective, agnostic Jonathan shares his journey away from faith here.

Do check out their thoughts as this is a key discussion to be having with our young people about how do you decide what to believe in, and what makes you sure of your faith.

Henman finally wins

What a great match. I caught snippets of the Henman v Moya match today and it was awesome. Two older professionals who have both struggled with form recently having the game of their life. Some of the shots were out of this world. I love this time of year, it always inspires me to start playing tennis again, I haven’t really played since I was a teenager, but I have no excuse now with a club next door to my office.

The Brits are on top

Lewis Hamilton has had another awesome weekend winning the US Grand Prix in Indianapolis to claim his second successive victory. This time beginning to prove the quality that he is by holding off Alonso twice. With his lead in the championship now up to ten points he stands a real chance at winning it.
David Beckham has ended his career with Real Madrid by winning the league title. Unfortunately for him it wasn’t the perfect dream having had to come off due to injury.

Premiership fixtures produced

The new fixtures have been published. Liverpool start the season with games against Aston Villa and then Chelsea, so not the easiest start to the season.
Manchester United open up their Premier League defence with a home game against Steve Coppell’s Reading. Sam Allardyce goes back to the Reebok Stadium as his new side Newcastle open up against Bolton. Newly-promoted Birmingham will travel to Chelsea, while Championship title winners Sunderland host Tottenham.
Here is the full list of opening weekend fixtures:
Arsenal v Fulham
Aston Villa v Liverpool
Bolton v Newcastle
Chelsea v Birmingham
Derby v Portsmouth
Everton v Wigan
Man Utd v Reading
Middlesbrough v Blackburn
Sunderland v Tottenham
West Ham v Man City

He did it!

Lewis Hamilton drove a perfect race to win the Canadian Grand Prix and take his first Formula One victory in only the sixth race of his career. Now Murray Walker believes Hamilton can win the Formula One World Championship in his first season. Let’s just hope that the pressure from the media and the public doesn’t get to him.