Jonathan Edwards’ journey of faith

Various people (Tim Abbot and Sarah Brush) have suddenly picked up on some stuff to do with Jonathan Edwards who has begun to question the faith which he acknowledges helped to motivate his sporting career. A more reflective, agnostic Jonathan shares his journey away from faith here.

Do check out their thoughts as this is a key discussion to be having with our young people about how do you decide what to believe in, and what makes you sure of your faith.

Henman finally wins

What a great match. I caught snippets of the Henman v Moya match today and it was awesome. Two older professionals who have both struggled with form recently having the game of their life. Some of the shots were out of this world. I love this time of year, it always inspires me to start playing tennis again, I haven’t really played since I was a teenager, but I have no excuse now with a club next door to my office.

The Brits are on top

Lewis Hamilton has had another awesome weekend winning the US Grand Prix in Indianapolis to claim his second successive victory. This time beginning to prove the quality that he is by holding off Alonso twice. With his lead in the championship now up to ten points he stands a real chance at winning it.
David Beckham has ended his career with Real Madrid by winning the league title. Unfortunately for him it wasn’t the perfect dream having had to come off due to injury.

Premiership fixtures produced

The new fixtures have been published. Liverpool start the season with games against Aston Villa and then Chelsea, so not the easiest start to the season.
Manchester United open up their Premier League defence with a home game against Steve Coppell’s Reading. Sam Allardyce goes back to the Reebok Stadium as his new side Newcastle open up against Bolton. Newly-promoted Birmingham will travel to Chelsea, while Championship title winners Sunderland host Tottenham.
Here is the full list of opening weekend fixtures:
Arsenal v Fulham
Aston Villa v Liverpool
Bolton v Newcastle
Chelsea v Birmingham
Derby v Portsmouth
Everton v Wigan
Man Utd v Reading
Middlesbrough v Blackburn
Sunderland v Tottenham
West Ham v Man City

Lewis Hamilton is storming it

Lewis Hamilton is having the time of his life. His debut year in formula 1 has gone perfectly. So far he has claimed a record five podium finishes in the opening five races of his maiden F1 season, and today he claimed the first pole position of his career for the Canadian Grand Prix. It is great to see a British sports person doing so well, and he seems to have real maturity. It doesn’t seem to have gone to his head, and he dealt very well with the slightly off the wall criticism from Jacques Villeneuve.

Champions League

Liverpool are the dream team in Champions League. We play poorly in the cups in England, we, according to others didn’t play particularly well in the games against Chelsea (I was at dance, so I didn’t get to see the games accept for the penalties) but we still come out on top. I am sure some of it is due to our players being slightly fresher as we aren’t going for a treble/quadruple, but then again all it came down to was penalties, and we always seem to have great keepers for that, and players who score.
It is a pity that Manchester United lost to Milan as that would have been a sweet final, especially if we won. AC Milan will certainly be a challenge. Not sure what I am going to do about watching it, a church meeting is booked in for that night!

Cricket World Cup

Well as usual England fail to achieve in a World Cup and so are now due to come home. Once again, regardless of the sport, we now have the usual inquest into why we didn’t do as well as everyone expected. I think there are two key issues:
  • Grassroots level sport is in need of much improvement in the United Kingdom. The way in which we scout and develop youngsters in sport needs to be challenged.
  • We seem unable to achieve at the big tournaments. Much has been said about the super long length of the Cricket World Cup, particulary given they had already been on a long tour in the Southern Hemisphere, but they are highly paid professionals employed to do a jon, and it does seem that we always bottle it in the end.

Disabled dancing

Hannah and I came in from our dance lessons last night to discover that there was a progamme on television about disabled dancing. It was really interesting watching how they adapt it, train up for competitions. The programme followed a group from Bristol and a group from Scotland as they competed at the national championships. Really interesting.