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Children’s & youth work links

Links from around the world of children’s and youth work: What happened when 9 teens gave up their mobile phones for a week: anyone who has worked with teenagers for more than 5 minutes know how connected to their mobiles they are.  So what happens if they were separated from their mobile lifelines for a full week? […]

8 Reasons to Rethink Teens & Sexting

Megan Maas has written a blog on 8 Reasons to Rethink Teens & Sexting for the Huffington Post.  Here’s a few snippets from the blog which are essential reading for any youth worker: … In order for us to address sexting in a realistic way with teens, we must first understand the sexual culture they live […]

Are tablets good for children?

The Guardians of Ancora blog recently highlighted a BBC article There’s no question that tablet computers have swept into children’s lives in the past couple of years. But is this good, bad or neutral? ‘Parents,’ says the BBC iWonder website, ‘sometimes worry that time spent playing on screen devices may be stunting important development in […]

Google Glass app helps kids with autism see emotions

Stanford University researchers are testing software that is meant to help autistic children with social cues. The Google Glass software reads the emotions on people’s faces, then tells the user what those emotions are. Early research is yielding positive results:  

World’s first sprout-powered Christmas tree

What do you do with the sprouts nobody wanted to eat? Now we have a new answer: Wait a few weeks, then use them to power your Christmas tree: That, at least, appears to be the message from a new project installed on the South Bank of the Thames in London on behalf of the […]

What Happens When You Put iPhone 5C, 5S in a Blender

[youtube id=”GAuhUTzNwiY” width=”580″ height=”337″] It just wouldn’t be an Apple release without a Blendtec “Will it Blend?” video. Those waiting for Blendtec to take on the iPhone 5C and 5S will be rewarded for their patience with this video. At first, Blendtec former CEO and current board member Tom Dickson messes with us a bit by explaining […]

The Technology Tornado

I loved The Technology Tornado post on the Simply Youth Ministry newsletter this last week: This area has been a particular struggle in our own marriage, and one that we have by no means figured out. We’ve had many talks and constantly wrestle with what boundaries work for our relationship. In this day and age […]

Toddler Buys Car While Playing with Dad’s Phone

Don’t give your smartphone to anyone that you don’t trust with your money. Paul Stoute of Portland, Oregon found that out when his 2-year old daughter Sorella used the eBay app on his phone to purchase a 1962 Austin Healey Sprite: “She decided to open the eBay app, and started clicking around and one thing […]

This guy Is 3D printing an Aston Martin

Car-enthusiast Ivan Sentch really wanted an Aston Martin DB4. The only problem is, he doesn’t have several hundred thousand dollars to purchase one. Sentch does, however, own a relatively cheap Solidoodler 3D printer (they start at about $500). Using a 3D drawing he found online, Sentch, who was a 3D printing novice when he started the […]

Technology Has Come a Long Way

Zero TV

What has happened to telephone landline and CD sales is coming to television. And that has got broadcasters worried. Ryan Nakashima of the AP wrote about TV broadcasters’ biggest worry: the people who have no TV whatsoever (not even antenna ones that get free signals over the air). They dubbed this group “Zero TV” Some […]

Social Media Eye Chart

Are you seeing 20/20 when it comes to social media? I know I don’t – I would’ve flunked this Social Media Eye Chart from Bizarro Comics by Dan Piraro.