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Top 10 Google searches of 2017

Google has released its Year in Search 2017 report which shows the top 10 most searched topics overall as well as the top 10 searches in 20+ categories. Musicians and politicians featured heavily in last year’s top search terms, with both David Bowie and Prince appearing in the top 10 following their deaths. Hillary Clinton, […]

Scarlett Moffatt has a selfie warning for young girls

Scarlett Moffatt, who came to fame through Gogglebox, is getting real about filtered pictures of women on social media. The 2016 winner of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and now presenter of dating show Streetmate, posted two selfies side by side on Instagram showcasing two very different looks, along with a warning for […]

NSPCC warns of ‘blurred boundaries’ between YouTube stars and fans

“Blurred boundaries” between prominent YouTube stars and their young, often impressionable viewers can put young people at risk, the NSPCC has warned. They have created a helpline for victims and have urged those who watch YouTube videos to: Never share your personal information online Do not accept friend requests from people you don’t know in real […]

8 Reasons to Rethink Teens & Sexting

Megan Maas has written a blog on 8 Reasons to Rethink Teens & Sexting for the Huffington Post.  Here’s a few snippets from the blog which are essential reading for any youth worker: … In order for us to address sexting in a realistic way with teens, we must first understand the sexual culture they live […]

Sir David Attenborough narrating Pokémon Go

You might think that David Attenborough and Pokémon Go was a marriage in heaven waiting to happen. Who better than the beloved naturalist to narrate a popular game where people go hunting for exotic creatures in the wild? Thanks to Lovin’ Dublin, the dream is now reality. The mash-up features Attenborough describing Charmander as a “top predator” […]

An Infographic on Anonymous Apps and Teenagers

One of the most frequent questions I receive from parents is about apps that teenagers are using and what a caring parents perspective should be on them. The team from have released a helpful infographic which gives a quick and concise overview of these anonymous apps – something you can share with parents.  

Why your church needs to know about Pokémon GO

The Church of England has written a very helpful blog post on what your church needs to know about Pokémon GO: The NSPCC has issued advice to parents of those children playing Pokémon GO in the UK. Whilst we would encourage churches to engage with those playing the game, be they adults or children, we also […]

The Dangers of Social Media for ‘Missing’ Children

Last week I read a brilliant blog post on the dangers of posting about missing children on social media, over at Barefoot Social Work, do check it out: I’ve seen a couple of ‘Missing Child’ posts on Facebook this week and I wanted to explain why I won’t be sharing them. They are always heart wrenching pleas […]

Digital Children: Q&A with Bishop Paul Butler

Q&A with Bishop Paul Butler at the Digital Children conference: Why is it that most Vicars only receive 1 seminar on children’s ministry in 3 years of full-time training?  Wouldn’t disagree with you, keep arguing and don’t seem to get anywhere.  Heads of Theological colleges began to take it on board but changing the culture […]

Digital Children: Bishop Paul Butler

Bishop Paul Butler led the next session at the Digital Children conference: Children in attendance at church has been in decline although in 2011 Baptist numbers were up and the CofE numbers were just about steady Sales of Sunday School materials are in decline, wider materials such as Bible reading notes etc. are also in decline. […]

Digital Children: From Clay Tablets to iPads

Dave Roberts  carried on the Digital Children conference with Clay Tablets to iPads: Watching a programme about impressionist paintings was like watching paint dry, but was surprised and became hooked to the four programmes in the series.  The presenter spoke about howthe artists wanted to paint the ordinary things. They were aided by several things Tube technology for […]

Digital Children: Learning Spaces

Allen Reesor on Learning Spaces at the Digital Children conference: Jesus said in Matthew 18:3 that we need to become little children but we don’t know who is the child. Who is a child?  Are we becoming like little children? Who learns from whom?  As adults we are not the experts, we come knowing that we don’t […]