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Pew Survey of Evangelical Christian Leaders from Cape Town 2010

I was privileged to be at Cape Town 2010.  During the Congress the Pew Forum conducted a survey of the 4,000 delegates from nearly 200 countries.  This was the most wide ranging gathering of Christian leaders in the modern world, the results have now been released. There were some amazing statistics that came out: 4% […]

Books I have read: The Call to Joy and Pain: Embracing Suffering in Your Ministry

I heard Ajith Fernando speak at Cape Town 2010 – the Third Lausanne Congress on the theme of suffering and was captivated by his blend of biblical exposition and life application.  Following that I picked up The Call to Joy and Pain: Embracing Suffering in Your Ministry. Ajith Fernando knows about suffering.  He has seen horrendous suffering during his ministry […]

Using The Cape Town Commitment

Check out this message from Lindsay Brown, International Director: The Lausanne Movement: The Cape Town Commitment is getting out widely around the world, in many languages. If we have discerned aright what the Holy Spirit is saying to the churches, we are stewards of a significant document. Please join us in praying that all evangelicals […]

Cape Town 2010 conversations on global youth ministry challenges

Dennis Poulette, has made a video at Cape Town 2010 asking what is the big challenge in youth and student ministry around the world: [youtube=]

Books I have read: Jesus Driven Ministry

Back in October I went to The Third Lausanne Congress: Cape Town 2010, during which I heard Ajith Fernando speak on Ephesians 1.  Following that I got hold of a copy of Jesus Driven Ministry to hear some more of his thoughts on ministry, especially his concept of joy and suffering in ministry. It came at […]

Cape Town 2010 Blogger Network skype call

I’ve just finished a Skype call with those from the Cape Town 2010 Blogger Network – Lausanne Movement.  Some exciting conversations about the influence and opportunity that blogs and social media in general had at the Cape Town 2010 conference. It was great hearing the difference our blogs made: at the start of the conference […]

Cape Town 2010

Here’s a video of my time at the Third Lausanne Congress, Cape Town 2010 that we’re showing in church tonight: [youtube=]    

Youthwork the Conference: Reminded of the urgency and importance of the gospel…

Here’s a blog post that I wrote for the Youthwork the Conference blog on my experience at Cape Town 2010, the Third Lausanne Congress: Towards the end of October I spent 10 days as part of Cape Town 2010, the Third Lausanne Congress.  The main theme of the congress was the whole church taking the […]

Books I have read: ‘New Life’ in Serbia … the Novi Sad Christian Fellowship Story

I’ve been reading ‘New Life’ in Serbia … the Novi Sad Christian Fellowship Story by Vera and Danny Kuranji.  Danny was part of my table-group at Cape Town 2010.  Some of the stories he shared spoke very powerfully of God’s care and miraculous power and the couple’s amazing faith.  When I asked Danny more about […]

Frustrations with Cape Town 2010

  Here are a few of my frustrations with Cape Town 2010: Needed more prayer time Throughout the week there was a sense in the teaching and the conversations that prayer was the foundation for ministry, and yet at no time was there extended opportunities to pray – even on the night of prayer we […]

Highlights from Cape Town 2010

  Here are a few of my highlights from Cape Town 2010, I could write loads on this, but here’s six to get me started: I belong to a global church To sit in a room with over 4,000 church leaders from nearly 200 countries teaches you quickly about the global church.  In my small […]