Manchester United and Chelsea have unveiled their kits for the Champions League final:

I have to ask the question: do fans actually pay for a one-off, special edition commemorative shirt?  If I was a Chelsea or Man Utd fan, I’m not sure I would spend near on £40 for a shirt that is either the same as this season, or next season’s design released early just because it has some tiny writing about the final and a Champions League logo, but maybe that’s my Northern roots speaking!

Interestingly the Chelsea kit is actually not based on this season’s kit but next season.  To me that seems even more bizarre, to basically wear a kit that hasn’t even been released yet.

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0 thoughts on “Michael Phelps to retire aged 30”

  1. He will go out with a bang as one of the most decorated Olympic athletes ever! He already has more medals than any other athlete and there is no doubt in my mind that he will earn plenty more. Swimming is tough, I know because I swam and I coached. He wants to have a life not live in the pool anymore. At 27, he will have accomplished more than anyone else in the sport! I am sure he is not going to leave swimming forever, he will use his talent in other ways. He will just not compete anymore.

  2. well he wnt be getting into his slippers and pipe i would imagine.

    I would expect him to coach or do something else.

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