Champions League

Liverpool are the dream team in Champions League. We play poorly in the cups in England, we, according to others didn’t play particularly well in the games against Chelsea (I was at dance, so I didn’t get to see the games accept for the penalties) but we still come out on top. I am sure some of it is due to our players being slightly fresher as we aren’t going for a treble/quadruple, but then again all it came down to was penalties, and we always seem to have great keepers for that, and players who score.
It is a pity that Manchester United lost to Milan as that would have been a sweet final, especially if we won. AC Milan will certainly be a challenge. Not sure what I am going to do about watching it, a church meeting is booked in for that night!

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  1. I have managed to keep the night free and if it is anything like 2 years ago will have no voice left for 2 days! Unlike you, I am glad we are not facing Utd as whoever won that battle would have a lifetime of bragging over the other and it would sour some of the funnier and humour filled banter that fills the rivalry. Can’t wait for the night and lets hope Gerrard lifts the trophy again!

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