Some good advice here from Seth Godin on the topic of sending emails.  He wrote 36 different points, here are some of my favourites:

  • Is it going to just one person? (If yes, jump to #10)
  • Since it’s going to a group, have I thought about who is on my list?
  • Could I do this note better with a phone call?
  • Is it in black type at a normal size?
  • Do I have my contact info at the bottom? (If not, consider adding it).
  • Could this email be shorter?
  • Is there anyone copied on this email who could be left off the list?
  • Have I attached any files that are very big? (If so, google something like ‘send big files’ and consider your options.)
  • Have I attached any files that would work better in PDF format?
  • Are there any 🙂 or other emoticons involved? (If so, reconsider).
  • Did I hit ‘reply all’? If so, am I glad I did? Does every person on the list need to see it?
  • If this email is to someone like Seth, did I check to make sure I know the difference between its and it’s? Just wondering.
  • Are there any little animated creatures in the footer of this email? Adorable kittens? Endangered species of any kind?
  • Bonus: Does the subject line make it easy to understand what’s to come and likely it will get filed properly?
  • If I had to pay 42 cents to send this email, would I?
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