Here are some links from around the world of children’s and youth ministry:

  • Bringing Kids Up on Stage With You: Let’s face it, any number of unexpected moments are possible when you start to include kids in the story. But here’s the thing. The reward of what happens when kids are included in the Bible story is worth risking the unknown.
  • The All-Important Two-Minute Window with Parents: Most parents have no idea what happens during their child’s time at church.  The only thing they do know is what happens in the two minutes they are dropping off and picking up their child.  In their mind, those two minutes are a snapshot of their child’s entire experience at church.  Many children’s ministries overlook those two minutes and miss a great opportunity to gain parents’ confidence.
  • Letter to An Insecure Teenager: John Piper reaches out to one teenager with lessons learned from his own life.
  • Relational/Detached youth work – hamstrung by uncertainty: James writes about how this “occurs when young people who meet detached workers find out that the worker is only going to be there another few months – the young people back off.”
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