News from around the world of Children’s & Youth work:

Charities come under fire for heavy child trafficking focus: Charities are increasingly focusing on child trafficking at the expense of migrant children’s needs, an academic has claimed.

BT Yahoo! donates to Childline: Telecoms giant BT is to donate cash generated from online searches to children’s helpline ChildLine.

Young to get say on foreign affairs: The influence of young people from the UK on foreign affairs is to be given a boost with the launch of the Young UK Ambassadors programme.

Students “face uncertainty” in allowances delay: The government has confirmed some students are experiencing delays in getting their Education Maintenance Allowances (EMAs).

New ATL president ‘ashamed’ at child poverty: The new president of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) has labelled child poverty “the scourge of our society”.

Young ambassadors to combat negative images in charity drive: The Prince’s Trust has recruited 200 young people to spearhead a three-month campaign aimed at addressing negative perceptions of youth.

Youth support service needs clarity: National-level support for youth work in England is confusing and must be better co-ordinated, the government has been told.

Data on children’s activity levels exaggerated: The true level of physical activity among children in the UK is probably around six times lower than national data suggests, new research has claimed.

Ofsted guidance poses threat to adventurous play, London Play warns: Ofsted guidance is out of step with government efforts to curb the health and safety culture that discourages risky play, London Play warned this week.

Voluntary workforce faces overhaul: The voluntary youth workforce is facing radical reforms as part of a strategy to improve youth services in England.

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