I’ve seen this youtube clip around the web (first on a whole load of facebook profiles) which shows Chris Moyles on his Breakfast BBC Radio Show talking about church.

On Pentecost Sunday he saw a clip of a service from Kingsgate Community Church (Peterborough) singing ‘Oh Happy Day’ by Tim Hughes whilst baptisting loads of people.

Some really positive comments, and most interestingly he keeps on coming back to it, even when the conversation has moved on.  It does highlight how when we say authentic but relevant people are interested.  My hope is that someone, somewhere has the right opportunity to follow this up with Chris more specifically, be it inviting him to church or taking him on something like an Alpha course.

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2 thoughts on “From Guttenberg to Zuckerberg: How Social Media is Changing the Church”

  1. Great! Neutral like any media, I wonder if someone has, or been given like a virtual calling, a virtual vocation – does the Bible open up for that. And how can we be incarnational online? 

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