Was quite concerned to hear on the radio whilst driving to a meeting that condom adverts could be screened on TV before the 9pm watershed

Whilst I understand that the UK has a high teenage pregnancy rate and needs to do something to change this, I’m not convinced that this is a sensible way forward.  Adverts effect people – advertising condoms and abortion clinics surely only makes teen sex more ‘normal’.

I understand that it’s good for people to have information to make a sensible choice, but the more we normalise teen sex the worse I imagine the situation would get.

The best way surely has to be a combination of three things:

  1. Quality relationship and sex education that focuses on the relationship rather than just the biological aspects of sex.  This requires confident teachers and other community groups, and that requires good quality national training.
  2. The media need to play their role – they sensationalise sex, they sensationalise teen pregnancy – they need to focus
  3. Last, but certainly not least, are parents.  Confident parents who are able to discuss openly this topic with their children will be in a much stronger position.  Parents who able to provide guidance and encouragement to young people.

However some of the other proposals are very positive, for example:

Also proposed is enhanced protection of children, through a new restriction to prevent adverts for age-restricted computer and console games appearing around TV programmes likely to appeal to youngsters.

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