Cristiano Ronaldo indulges in a spot of fancy skills on the set of a Pro Evo photoshoot only to be shown up by freestyle footballer Billy Wingrove.

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0 thoughts on “Children only play in the garden”

  1. I remember the first time I was allowed out unsupervised… it was my first day at school and all the other kids got picked up, but my mum didn’t cause she expected me to walk home! And that was the first time I was allowed out on my own, for the walk home from school! I WAS TERRIFIED! I think I cried most of the way home. Why I was SUDDENLY expected to know what to do because I had gone up to Senior School I don’t know!!

    Note to parents. NOT A GOOD IDEA!!

  2. Sounds a bit crazy and extreme! Letting children out on their own needs to be done gradually so as to give them the right support and independence.

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