David Beckham has been offered a role on the England staff for the World Cup.  Since injuring his Achilles whilst on loan at AC Milan, he hasn’t looked likely to make it as a player.

Capello is renowned for not having great communication skills and clearly believes that Beckham could be a useful conduit. He will be asked to explain to individual players, mainly the younger ones in the squad, what Capello expects of them.  However, this seems a little bizarre as we haven’t heard in the press of this as a major issue in the last few months, so whilst it is clear he will have influence, how useful that will be remains to be seen.  Similarly, there is much Beckham could teach Aaron Lennon and Theo Walcott on the delivery of the ball, but their styles are so different, Beckham was an expert of the dead ball whereas they are experts at running at pace, so again it seems likely he would have limited impact.

Beckham would no doubt create a diversion for the media, and have opportunities to strengthen the England 2018 campaign but one hopes Capello has judged this right and that it won’t be an unnecessary distraction in the actual camp.

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