One of the big headlines of the weekend was that Harry Redknapp expects Beckham to return to the Premiership for Tottenham Hotspur.

The weekend has been full of rumours of Beckham about to return to the Premiership after almost seven years.  Previously Beckham has been loaned to AC Milan, partly to keep him fit, and more importantly to allow him a chance of being picked for England.  It sounds like in 2011 he’s more likely to end up in the Premiership.

From the looks of it Harry Redknapp expects him to suit up to play in the FA Cup tie against Charlton Athletic as soon as next weekend.  Redknapp sees having Beckham as a way of strengthening his squad, especially with his wide game and in set pieces.  His passing would certainly support Spurs’ fast counter-attacking football:

“[Beckham] would be a great influence. When I took Teddy to Portsmouth, I said to the others ‘watch him train, watch his technique and how he takes pride in everything he does. Watching how top players practice is better than all the coaching in the world. If it’s doable, it’s a no-brainer.”

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