John Piper sits down with Mark Driscoll to talks about his life: Growing up as the son of an evangelist, the godly relationship of his parents, a very real look at his marriage, and the adoption of his daughter.”

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0 thoughts on “Books I have read: When Leadership and Discipleship Collide”

  1. adding a thought.
    Jesus demands for discipleship are focused on those who seek to follow HIM. Yes people who necessarily do not want to follow HIM do tend to cherry pick the things they want. so that I guess tallies with the “read my lips” 🙂
    as Jesus said, “in the world they lord it over you”, seems to be in the same light of how today we are ‘tought’ how to go forward in our career, visibility, marketing oneself, etc. Not that any of this is wrong per se.
    How the call of the Lord to make diciples come short in our understanding of churning out ‘beleivers’.
    Sharing a link on leadership
    As you are also working with the youth, this might help also
    God bless

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