As David has already posted, our church co-hosted a funday for one of our local ‘estates’.  Unfortunately the weather hit us badly, meaning we had to be inside and limit some of our activities, for example we couldn’t fit the sumo suits in, or the second bouncy castle.

But despite the weather it was a good event.  We had a bouncy castle, big screen Wii and Xbox 360, ice cream van, burger van, a variety of stalls – including a big Fairtrade stall, and Phoenix FM – our local community radio provided the music.  The whole idea was to provide a fun event for the local community – a community that doesn’t always have something to look forward to, something to smile about.

What was really good to see, was that despite the weather 10 volunteers from our church gave up their Bank Holiday to help and didn’t complain about getting soaked as they set up, helped to run, and clear up afterwards.  Big thanks to you guys.

The event was part of our church’s response to Hope 2008, which I will blog more about this week.

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