Headlines from the world of education and schools work:

  • Green lessons are wasted on parents: Parents are undermining schools’ efforts to educate children about being green, a poll found. More than a third (37 per cent) of parents with children of school age acknowledge they do not set the best example when it comes to being energy efficient.
  • Child protection staff still failing to do job properly, Ofsted finds: Watchdog finds fewer than half of serious case reviews better than adequate and authorities frequently too trusting of parents
  • Middle-class children do better at school because of parents: Study shows parents’ attitudes make most difference, but schools try hardest with better-off students.  Middle-class pupils do better because parents and schools put more effort into their education, according to a study.  Researchers found that children from poorer backgrounds were not predisposed to work less hard, but parents’ attitudes were most important, making more of a difference than schools themselves.
  • Eight in ten teachers lack confidence to teach sex: Schools are failing to provide children with proper sex education because red-faced teachers are too uncomfortable with the subject to talk about it, a survey claims.
  • Films in schools are inspiring children with the joy of learning: Teachers find that classic movies supplied free by the charity Filmclub are sharpening the critical skills of their pupils.
  • Child violence against parents on rise: Charity reports increase in verbal and physical attacks as poverty adviser Frank Field calls for schools to teach parenting skills.  Parentline Plus has received an astonishing 22,537 calls in two years from mothers and fathers struggling to cope with their aggressive offspring.
  • Promote inter-racial adoption, children’s minister tells social workers: Fears children languish in care because authorities are reluctant to match white couples with children from different ethnic backgrounds.  Social workers should make it easier for white couples to adopt children from different ethnic backgrounds, a government minister said.
  • Human rights teaching reduces bullying, study finds: Unicef project in hundreds of UK schools helps to foster calmer classrooms and a reduction in bullying and truancy.  Teaching children about their human rights can reduce bullying and exclusions, improve relations with teachers and create a calmer atmosphere for learning, according to an academic study
  • Faith school admissions ‘unfair to immigrants’: Immigrant families are being discriminated against by faith schools operating complex admission procedures, the chief adjudicator warned.
  • Willetts announces student fees of up to £9,000: Tuition fees will rise to between £6,000 and £9,000 from 2012, if parliament approves proposal.
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