News from the world of education and schools work:

Pupils are ‘bullied for their beliefs’: One in four children with a religious belief is bullied at school as a result of their faith, research shows. The findings have prompted anti-bullying campaigners to urge ministers to make it compulsory for schools to record all incidents of faith-based bullying, as they have to do in cases of racism and homophobia.

Public school’s pupils see how other half lives: Public school pupils are to swap places with deprived teenagers who have dropped out of education, in a groundbreaking experiment to bridge the class divide.

Zero tolerance pays off for head who suspends two pupils a day: A headteacher who suspended pupils 478 times in a single year has defended her zero-tolerance approach to discipline after results at the school dramatically improved.

Prep schools will close in recession: The recession will force private prep schools to close or merge, headteachers have been warned.

Small schools will be forced to shut or merge: Small schools will be shut or merged because of falling pupil numbers and cash shortages, the Liberal Democrats have warned.

Academies accused of covert selection as number of poorer pupils falls: A major review of the government’s academy programme will conclude that results have improved markedly but that the proportion of pupils they take from the poorest homes has shrunk.

Young Britons among least likely to study science: Young Britons are among the least likely in Europe to consider studying science subjects, a European poll has found.

‘Awesome’ Gordon Brown would make a good university professor, says Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman

Asbestos risk to children in 13,000 schools, MPs warn: The lives of pupils and teachers are being put at risk because the Government is “burying its head in the sand” over the dangers of asbestos in as many as 13,000 schools, MPs and medical experts have warned.

Girls’ schooling ‘sacrificed to help boys’: A 40-year drift away from single sex schooling has sacrificed girls’ education in order to give struggling teenage boys a “wake-up call”, according to one of the country’s leading girls’ school heads.

Ofsted accused of sub-standard school inspections: Ofsted is carrying out sub-standard inspections which fail to properly investigate schools’ performance.

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