The next freebie linked to the ESV Study Bible is now out. The Introduction to the Psalms, along with the notes for Psalm 1. As the info says:

This pre-release PDF provides you a glimpse of what the ESV Study Bible is designed to deliver—namely, tools and information to help you understand God’s Word more deeply.

In this pre-release PDF you’ll find the following sections related to the Psalter:

  • Title
  • Theme
  • Authorship, Occasion, and Date
  • Key Themes
  • History of Salvation Summary
  • Musical Terms
  • Curses in the Psalms
  • The Psalms as Scripture
  • Literary Features
  • Structure

Three charts are also included, helping you to see (1) how certain Psalms relate to the historical narrative of 1–2 Samuel; (2) some of the literary features of the Psalter; and (3) how each of the five “books” of the Psalms fit together.

Our hope is that resources like this will provide you with a concise and informative overview of the Psalms (the hymnbook for God’s people at worship), enabling you to understand God’s Word in a deeper way.

You can learn more about the ESV Study Bible at

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