Hannah, my wife, is well into Eurovision, so tonight the family got together for a Eurovision night. The music and culture is shocking, the voting is all political, and I still can’t quite work out why we watch it, but we do. Phil (Hannah’s brother) and I thought Sweden were awesome, and I am sure the introductory bars are the start of another cheesy pop rock song from the last year or so but I can’t think what; Hannah thought Ukraine were good. In the end Serbia won. The UK got 19 points which has got to be a fairly respectable score given the political bloc voting, and the song was quite good, sounded a bit like Steps . Ireland, however did really badly with only 5 points they will be sorely upset given they won it a few years ago.
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0 thoughts on “Football but not on a Saturday afternoon”

  1. I miss everyone kicking off on a Saturday at three. It’s annoying that when watching MOTD on a Saturday night, and they show the premiership table, not everyone has played so you need to have a degree in mathematics just to work out who might be where at the end of the weekend after all the Sunday and Monday games.

    Whilst I agree premiership games are primarily changed because of mid-week fixtures, would it not be easier if ALL champions league matches were played on the same night? That would mean that all teams involved in midweek games would be able to play on the same day at the weekend, whereas at the moment you’d have Liverpool having a three day rest and Arsenal a four.

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