Children Matter has posted on how the Evangelical alliance has recently published their Faith and Nation report. The report has 100 key points for what the EA should be encouraging. Here are the key ones that relate to children:
80. Strive as Evangelical Christians to be at the heart of the religious education profession, shaping the content of religious education in schools.
81. Develop models for new style school assemblies that are appropriate for the modern context and that will win wide support from schools.
82. Oppose potential requirements for compulsory acts of multifaith worship that may be syncretistic and thus offensive to other faith groups, as well as to Christians.
83. Whilst acknowledging present-day social diversity, embrace significant new opportunities to develop Christian schools within the maintained sector.
84. Actively encourage teachers working in common schools to integrate a transforming Christian faith with the most recent insights in curriculum and school management.
85. Recognise the growth in recent years of new independent schools formed with a clearly evangelical ethos, and support them insofar as they maintain good academic standards and train their pupils to respond constructively to non-evangelicals and non-evangelical worldviews. Support is also provisional on their being open to inspection and to their willingness and ability to conform to the education standards endorsed by HM inspectors.
86. Urge the same in respect of the growing popularity of home-schooling programmes among evangelicals.
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