Josh Griffin highlights a post by Perry Noble that is great.  He writes about his expectations of his staff team, in Five Things You Should Never Hear From A Staff Member, here are a couple of clips from it:

#1 – “That’s Not My Job.”

When a staff member is asked to do something and they reply, “That’s not my job,” then you can be assured that he/she does not have a heart that is fully devoted to the ministry.

The staff we have here at NewSpring Church walk around with fire in their eyes…and when asked to do something they just make it happen. Now…I have seen this abused & do not think ANYONE should allow themselves to be ran over; however, when asked to do something that might not serve the person BUT WILL SERVE THE CHURCH…the answer should always be yes.

#5 – “My ministry needs BLANK to…and if we don’t get it then…”

When a staff member begins to focus on his/her ministry more than the church as a whole…trust me, you have a HUGE problem.

A good staff member does have passion and vision for their particular area of ministry; however, they have an even greater passion for the church as a whole and will gladly lay aside their plans if it means that it is best for the church.

The church will either operate as a loosely organized group of sub ministries…OR ONE BODY with many parts…and if a staff member cannot be a part of the body then they most likely do not have a kingdom mindset.

Getting expectations right is tough, I always want to go high on expectations, but at the same time there has to be some realism, especially with expectations on volunteers.  But I do like what Perry has written, we have to develop a heart for the church, not just one particular ministry.

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