How many of you had breakfast this morning?  What did some of you have?  In many parts of Africa people had nothing to eat this morning – actually many of them will have nothing to eat all day.  Most are farmers who depend on the food they grow to feed their children and make a living.  But severe droughts can cause their harvests to fail.  As a result, families don’t have enough food and there’s no money to buy other essentials like medicines or schoolbooks.

Today around 30,000 people will die of starvation around the world – that is:

  • 20.83 a minute
  • 1 every 3 seconds

But when FARM-Africa loans a poor family a goat their lives will change forever.

  • A family is lent some goats (normally two to four) by FARM-Africa
  • A goat, like any other animal, makes manure (their poos!)
  • This manure is used to make the soil more fertile (better to grow food in)
  • With the food growing better they have enough that they can eat properly
  • The goats reproduce which gives the family lots of goats
  • The family can sell left over goats milk and some of the kid goats which gives the family money to buy tools, seeds, medicines and schoolbooks
  • Life is now better for this family
  • The family can now afford to give one or two goats back to FARM-Africa to go to other families to start this all again.

I think it is important to thank God for food and the possessions that we have but also make time to think about how we can share more with others.  Every little thing we give will make a difference.  When I was younger I saved every 20p that I ever got and after a few years it amounted to quite a lot of money.  Just think, what can you do to help others who are in worse off situation than you?

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