England were again shocking tonight. The result (3-0) against Andorra isn’t a disaster but no one seems to be feeling positive at the moment. The fans seem to have had enough and were giving some real abuse to Steve McLaren in the first half, which seemed a bit over the top.
Things do need to change: firstly our expectations need to lower, we haven’t made it to a semi-final in a major tournament in ages, so let’s not expect to get there; secondly, we have some incredibly good players who are consistenly thought to be some of the best in Europe and yet they just don’t quite gel and pul it off.
In other news though Wales have finally got their second win of the qualifying period with a 3-0 win; Scotland went down 2-0 to Italy but still seem to be very positive and have a great chance of qualifying after many years of being no where near doing so; Republic of Ireland got a 1-0 result against Slovakia.
The result of the night has to be Northern Ireland beating Sweden 2-1. Dennis Wise the Leeds manager went to watch David Healey, and he must be gutted as whenever he plays for Norther Ireland he seems to score (5 goals in the last 2 games, something like 29 goals in 56 matches) and yet he can’t hit the target for Leeds. A great night for Lawrie Sanchez who is doing an awesome job as the Northern Ireland manager.
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  1. I miss everyone kicking off on a Saturday at three. It’s annoying that when watching MOTD on a Saturday night, and they show the premiership table, not everyone has played so you need to have a degree in mathematics just to work out who might be where at the end of the weekend after all the Sunday and Monday games.

    Whilst I agree premiership games are primarily changed because of mid-week fixtures, would it not be easier if ALL champions league matches were played on the same night? That would mean that all teams involved in midweek games would be able to play on the same day at the weekend, whereas at the moment you’d have Liverpool having a three day rest and Arsenal a four.

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