They say the new Ford B-Max has been developed especially for the urban driver, but somebody make a typing error and ended up with “urban diver”!

For the latest advert, this attractive little MPV opens its doors wide enough for a platform jumper to dive straight through its cavernous space and into the swimming pool below.  Computer graphics?  Most likely: the upper doors shouldn’t have stayed open.  But wait, I found the “behind the scenes” video as well, and it seems this stunt is semi-legit!

They really did hang a B-Max onto a diving platform like that, but instead of jumping from the platform, the diver is released from a crane down a sort of zip-line and into the water:


The B-Max is based on the Fiesta and features an innovative door system where the pillars are actually encased in the rear door frame, so there’s more room to get people or stuff in or out of the back seats.

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