Some of the more random headlines from the BBC News website over the last week or so:

Lost penguins get Brazil air lift: Hundreds of penguins lost along Brazil’s coast are returned to native territory in the south Atlantic by the air force.

Footballers aim for EU food goal: European football stars provide healthy recipes for a picture book aimed at tackling childhood obesity.

Pub calls time on equine regular: A horse is banned from paying its regular visit to a Tyneside pub after the premises are refurbished.

Airship’s Channel crossing fails: A French amateur pilot’s attempt to be the first to cross the channel on a pedal-propelled airship fails.

Pilot completes jetpack challenge: A Swiss pilot becomes the first person to fly across the English Channel using a jet-powered fixed wing.

Beach huts of future on display: A new exhibition at a Norfolk resort reveals architect designed beach huts of the future.

People’s airbag ‘prevents injury’: A “people’s airbag” invented in Japan promises to protect older people from injury if they fall – but only if they fall backwards.

Large pushy pig traps Australian: A pushy pig the size of a Shetland pony is making a woman a prisoner in her own home in Australia, local media report.

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