Funny news from around the world …

  • Bush declines hardware store job: Former US President George W Bush visits the Dallas, Texas, hardware store that offered him a job earlier this month.
  • Hogwarts Orlando Campus: Due to open in 2010, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter will be a theme park at Universal Orlando.
  • Fireball Teenager Regrows His Skin, Minus the Freckles: Teenager, Aiden Kelly who got caught in in a fireball after a friend stupidly threw an aerosol can on a campfire, has regrown his skin without any scarring. The only difference? The redhead’s distinctive freckles didn’t return!
  • Skating pensioner fined by court: A roller-skating pensioner is found guilty of contravening by-laws by skating in Southport town centre.
  • British Angler Catches Largest Freshwater Fish Ever: Ian Welch of Aldershot, Hampshire (U.K.), caught the biggest freshwater fish by rod in Thailand, a record 55 stone (770 pound) freshwater ray!
  • A Good CEO: Leonard Abess Jr., CEO of City National Bank in Florida, sold 83% of his stake in the bank to a Spanish company, and then used the proceeds to reward his very own employees.
  • Doodling ‘may help memory recall’: Doodling may look messy, but it could in fact be a sign of an alert mind, a study carried out by Plymouth University suggests.

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