Some more funny and random headlines from around the world:

  • Miss Georgia Turned Down Crown To Teach Middle School: After winning the Miss Georgia title Kristina Higgins told pageant officials Sunday morning she wanted to relinquish the crown.  In a statement, 24-year-old Higgins suggested her duties as a middle school teacher could interfere with the time commitment that comes with being Miss Georgia.
  • Family’s urine bid to locate dog: A city council criticises a family for trying to lure back their missing dog by leaving a trail of their diluted urine on the street.
  • Rail staff face ‘smile police’: A Japanese train company is to scan the faces of staff to ensure that they are smiling enough.
  • Library book return 46 years late: A man who borrowed a library book 46 years ago for his father finally returns it, but avoids a £2,500 fine.
  • Full recovery for two hearts girl: A 16-year-old girl who made UK history when she had a donor heart grafted onto her own as a baby has made a full recovery.
  • $23 Quadrillion Restaurant Bill: In North Texas, Jon Seale was billed $23,148,855,308,184,500 for a meal July 13 at a restaurant owned by celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck.
  • ‘Asbo’ warning over tomato plants: A grandmother is given an Asbo warning after complaints about tomato plants at the entrance to her council flat.
  • Why raindrops come in many sizes: Slow motion footage of a single falling raindrop shows scientists exactly why the drops are so many different sizes.
  • Tweeting prayers to Western Wall: Jewish people can now use Twitter to send messages to the holy prayer site of Jerusalem’s Western Wall.
  • Library fan nears 25,000th book: An avid reader in south west Scotland, who began borrowing library books in 1946, approaches a lending landmark.
  • May starts building Lego house: Top Gear presenter James May begins his attempt to build a house entirely out of Lego bricks.
  • 39th Annual World Peashooting Championship: In an age of advanced ballistics, it’s tempting to scoff at the humble peashooter – essentially a lung-powered piece of pipe – but technology prospers in improbable places, and there was enough of it at Witcham, Cambridgeshire, to impress the Pentagon.
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