Some funny and interesting headlines from around the world:

  • Mid-life crisis ‘begins in 30s’: Work and relationship pressures make the mid-30s the start of the unhappiest decade for many people, a survey suggests.
  • ‘Jesus’ Easter egg launched in UK: The Church of England produces its own chocolate egg to put across the Christian message of Easter.
  • Wii-type games linked to sprains: Interactive electronic games such as the Nintendo Wii are producing their own brand of player injuries, doctors report.
  • Solar panels come to White House: President Barack Obama is to install solar panels on the White House roof, a move lauded by climate activists as symbolic of the US’s energy future.
  • Japan has fewest digital friends: A global study of online behaviour has found that Malaysians have the most friends on social networks, while Japan has the fewest.
  • Gruffalo ‘is top children’s book’: The Gruffalo tops a survey of children’s favourite books, with The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Peppa Pig sharing second place.
  • Italian town plans miniskirt ban: A seaside city in Italy is planning to ban miniskirts and other revealing clothing to improve what the mayor calls standards of public decency.
  • Crash pad: Car flies into house: An Australian man is lucky to be alive after a car crashed into his bedroom wall in a house in Melbourne’s outer east suburb.
  • R.I.P. Sony Walkman: Sony’s portable tape cassette player — a revolution when first released in 1979 — has finally reached the end of its production life.
  • World’s fastest mobility scooter: Colin Furze has adapted a conventional electric model into a petrol-engined speedster which has reached an astonishing 69mph.
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