David Byrne, former frontman for Talking Heads, has turned a huge warehouse into a musical instrument, ‘played’ by an old organ keyboard. See here for the full story.  (Thanks David)

Just desserts for pie contestants – The 41st world custard pie throwing championships has been held in Kent.  Competitors in Maidstone were given points for hitting each other with out-of-date pies, with the best scores reserved for headshots.  This is the kind of thing that happens near where Hannah and I are moving to!

Romania village elects dead mayor – Villagers in north-eastern Romania elect a dead man as their mayor, to avoid giving votes to his living rival.  Interesting story on change and how people deal with it.

‘Oldest’ computer music unveiled – A scratchy recording of Baa Baa Black Sheep is thought to be the oldest known recording of computer generated music.

On your bike – Where did all the newspaper boys and girls go?

Oi ‘pikey’ – What is the word’s origin and how offensive is it?  An article following up the use of the word by Formula One commentator Martin Brundlein a television broadcast.

Swept away – A street-sweeping truck sucks up a dog in New York – oops!

Swiss TV in German anthem blunder – Swiss TV subtitles the wrong version of the German national anthem (they played the version used during World War 2!) during a live broadcast of a Euro 2008 football match.

Australia ire over chef’s f-words – The British TV chef Gordon Ramsay’s expletive-filled shows land him with a Senate inquiry in Australia.  He responds here saying he ‘will keep swearing’

Bidding begins on ‘entire life’ – An auction of an ex-pat’s lifestyle, including house, friends and job, attracts 113 bids hours after opening.  Interesting to see what follow up there is following this.

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