Some more funny and random headlines from around the world:

  • Mission to scale deep mountainsA team of scientists are set to begin a six-week mission to explore the Indian Ocean’s underwater mountains for the second time.
  • Balloons to cheer Kenyan workersAn artist has given thousands of yellow balloons to Kenyan commuters to counter their Monday-morning blues.
  • Oregon voters await iPad electionAs local elections are held across the US, the state of Oregon begins testing voting via iPad in a bid to make voting more accessible for disabled voters.
  • NBA star Yao returns to collegeChina’s biggest sports star, basketball player Yao Ming, returns to college months after he announced his retirement from the game.
  • White House denies alien contactThe US government has formally declared it has no knowledge of the existence of extraterrestrial life, in response to petitions submitted to the White House.
  • Castro Twitter debut sparks spatCuban President Raul Castro’s daughter Mariela makes her debut on Twitter and is immediately confronted by a dissident demanding free speech.
  • Lichtenstein sets new sale recordA painting by pop artist Roy Lichtenstein sells at auction in New York for more than $43m, setting a new record for his work.
  • German wins $8.7m poker bonanzaProfessional German card player Pius Heinz, 22, wins the $8.7m prize in the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.
  • Obama orders branded trinkets cutUS President Barack Obama orders government departments to cut back on the number of branded mugs, t-shirts and key rings they give away.
  • Weird consular requests revealedThe Foreign Office has published details of weird requests made to British consular staff abroad in the last six months – including a request for the Prince of Wales’ shoe size.
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