Some more funny and random headlines from around the world:

  • Whale ‘makes human-like sounds’: Researchers in the US are shocked to hear a whale making vocalisations similar to human speech in frequency and cadence.
  • Pakistan breaks human flag record: Some 24,000 young people in the Pakistani city of Lahore break a world record to form the largest human flag.
  • Ceefax closes down after 38 years: A graphical countdown to a small dot marks the end of 38 years on air for BBC Ceefax – which has ceased broadcasting as the UK’s digital switchover is completed.
  • Dutch consider heated cycle lanes: Towns in the Netherlands are considering a proposal to heat cycle lanes to encourage more use of bicycles in winter.
  • US strip club denied tax break: A strip club cannot claim a tax exemption for the performing arts because lap dances do not promote culture, the state supreme court rules.
  • Colombia region sees emerald rush: Hundreds of people flock to a remote part of Colombia after workers repairing a mountain road unearth emerald deposits.
  • Stones play surprise gig in Paris: The Rolling Stones perform to 350 fans in Paris after announcing a surprise gig on Twitter.
  • Bosnian walks to Mecca via Syria: A Bosnian Muslim man walks thousands of kilometres to reach Saudi Arabia on a pilgrimage and thanks God for his safe passage through war-torn Syria.
  • Sheepdog breed put on watch list: The iconic Old English Sheepdog is being hit by the growing popularity of so-called “handbag dogs” such as chihuahuas, the UK Kennel Club says.
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