Here are some more funny stories from around the world:

Aussie straps in beer, not child : A car driver in Australia has been fined for strapping down his beer rather than his young child.  Police said they were “shocked and appalled” when they pulled over the car south of Alice Springs in Australia’s Northern Territory.  They said the 30-can pack of beer was strapped down between two adults in the back, with the five-year-old child unrestrained on the floor.

Pupils sent home after turfing the common room : The entire sixth year of a school was sent home on their last day after pupils turfed over the floor of their common room.

Man cuts up car in clamp protest : A man has sawn his car in half with an angle-grinder in protest at it being clamped outside his home.  Ian Taylor said the untaxed Ford Fiesta was parked on his drive with only part of a rear wheel poking out on to the pavement.  He said the vehicle was going to be scrapped anyway, but he wanted to make a point.  A spokesman for NCP Services said half of the car was parked on the road and should therefore have been taxed.

Pelican ‘bombs’ bather in Florida : A woman required 20 stitches to her face after a pelican crashed into her in the sea off Florida, apparently diving for fish.

US and Russia in sandwich battle : Sailors from the US and Russian navies have tested their culinary skills in a sandwich-making competition.

SA infidelities plastered on car : A South African woman divorcing her husband has tried to publicly shame him into paying her maintenance.  She has plastered posters on her car detailing his infidelities.

Bad Guy Caught With a Mac: This is a great story. A girl’s Apple laptop gets stolen but she uses a remote access program to control it and takes a picture of the thief as the doofus sits in front of the stolen computer. “Smile! You’re getting your mug shot taken!” Using the picture, the police nab the bad guy. Moral of the story? Don’t mess with a high-tech girl’s Mac.

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