Teenagers often seem inseparable from their mobile phones, but just how addicted are they?

TextPlus, a free messaging app, set out to answer that in a survey of 600 respondents between the ages of 13 and 17.  Half of all teens surveyed said they couldn’t live without their mobile device for a week, while 36% said they weren’t able to go 10 minutes without checking their phones.

Despite the variety of games and apps now available on smartphones, texting still reigns supreme when it comes to teenagers preferred mobile activity; 61% said they couldn’t survive without texting — more than any other activity they perform on their phones.

With this reported addiction to texting, it’s not unusual to see teens check their phones anytime, anyplace, the survey said. Frustrated parents, beware: whether they’re at school or at the dinner table, 52% of teens said they’re on their phones regardless of the environment. What’s more, 37% of those surveyed admitted to checking their devices on the toilet, and 20% said they do it at church.

The survey added that texting is the first and last thing teens do everyday, with 73% checking their phones before bed, and 72% on their devices first thing in the morning.

While the survey only reflects a small proportion of the teen population, what do you think of the results? Do you know any teens that are addicted to their mobile phones?

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