Had a great half-term. The first few days were spent celebrating David’s birthday and moving office. The office is nearly finished – looking very nice, just had all the shelves taken down tonight to paint so it is nearly completed. There is a slight hitch with the internet reception – the signal is weaker down in this office which hasn’t caused me too many problems but has meant that a couple of people who used to do a bit of work while in my old office can no longer conntect to the internet.
We also managed to sneak in some time thinking about the holiday club we will be running at the end of August, summer camp to be run at the Quinta Centre at the end of the summer, and thinking about new ways of doing church to meet those on the edge of church and community.
Had a great deacons meeting on Wednesday night where one of my young people presented some ideas as to where the young people would like to see the church engaging with itself and others. Ideas include 24 hour prayer sessions, Bible marathons, designing some of the church posters, setting up an after-school homework club, supporting a reading project in Ghana. The deacons were really positive and have tasked the young people with sharing their vision at the next church meeting in ten days time which will be exciting.
Following that Hannah and I went on holiday to Norfolk with a whole load of her family. It was an awesome house with an indoor swimming pool, tennis court, table tennis and a huge dining table. We had some great times sleeping, chilling out at the pool, playing on the PS2, and eating and drinking. Just what we needed – definitely something that got Hannah and I thinking about whether it might be better to do more regular short breaks than the long seven to ten day break. Possibly more expensive, but more helpful in the rhthym of our work.
Married to the amazing Sarah and raising Jakey, Daniel, Amelia, Josh & Jonah in our blended family. Passionate for Jesus, social work & sport.

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